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Absolute Discretion and Privacy since 1999

Internal business investigation

Whether disloyal employees , ant theft, tracking with GPS , competition, distributors or branches , special , insurance companies , agents infiltration of informants , counterintelligence , Scanning and Detection of hidden microphones and cameras in your company , etc.


We have all the equipment, technology and advanced technology such as tracking Email and Facebook, miniature cameras and microphones, Drones HD


Tests for divorce, the couple suspicion , etc.

Fingerprinting and graphoscopy

Criminologists experts specialized in: Fingerprinting (revealed Fingerprint ) , graphoscopy ( signatures documents and deeds ) .

More than 40 services
that help you solve
all your problems

what really makes
a private investigator?

  • Analyze the target
  • Get Evidence
  • Analyze evidence
  • Conclusions

Private Investigation as an exact science based on the analysis.

In private investigation as in any field, it makes use of scientific analysis and technology . In our team we have the technical and expert personnel in the field .

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20 years of expirience

Detectives de SLP has sopport in Mexico, U.S and Southamerica.

Our team of researchers , criminologists and lawyers has the highest experience solutions private and business affairs.

Property Security advisers . (SAFETY )